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Headstand Loose Coffee Leaf and Seltzer

Why Coffee Leaf?

It's Fucking Tasty

Good For

Good For Producers

Good For
Our Planet

Our coffee leaf is individually picked twice a year on the side of a mountain. It then dries slowly over 14 days in the warm sunshine giving it a lightly toasted caramel taste similar to your favourite black tea. 

Coffee leaf is loaded with antioxidants which are naturally occurring molecules that make you feel good...sort of like the self-care routine you do at the end of a big day. 

With 44% of coffee producers living below the UN poverty line using coffee leaf allows us to double the income they make from every tree. 

Every can of Headstand makes a difference because we put our money where our values are by giving 1% of our revenue to charities fighting the climate crisis. 


Old Spike Coffee Roasters

"Solid ten. Banging flavour and doing great for the producers."

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Why we made 

The world can feel a bit full on and the hustle is real. So we're turning coffee on its head by brewing leaves instead of beans because we wanted to create a drink that helps us all reconnect with ourselves and brings calm in all the commotion. 

Made in London. Born from a shared set of values. We're 3 friends making seltzer from coffee leaf because it tastes fucking great and is good for you, good for farmers and good for the planet so it leaves you feeling good in every way. Come check out why we think you'll be obsessed with coffee leaf too...

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