Drink good vibes

Massively refreshing with loads of citrus, a tinge of ginger and a unique black tea like flavour.

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Headstand Coffee Leaf Seltzer

We use ingredients that boost your immune system, chill you out and help you focus.

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Why coffee leaf?

It's deliciously refreshing and research like this shows it's full of the antioxidants you need.

44% of coffee producers live below the UN's poverty line. By harvesting coffee leaf we can double the value of coffee farms and help millions of people. 

Where to get your cans


With ingredients to make you feel good

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Chamomile in Headstand for calm
Ginseng in Headstand for immunity
L-theanine in Headstand for focus

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How we source it

We buy all our coffee leaf direct from producers we've known for years.

We pay the same price for our leaf as they sell their specialty coffee.  This means producers make double from every tree they grow.

Headstand Coffee Leaf Seltzer
1% for the Planet Headstand Coffee Leaf Seltzer

As a member of 1% for the Planet we have an audited commitment to give 1% of our revenue to charities tackling the climate crisis.

We support charities working on  protecting and regenerating land, transitioning the world off of carbon, removing it from our atmosphere and so much more.

Headstand Coffee Leaf Seltze