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Yuzu is an East Asian citrus fruit that tastes like an explosion of sweet tangerine and refreshing lemon. Ginger is a flowering plant that creates a light hint of spice. Together the two are paired with our coffee leaf which is packed with antioxidants to make a citrusy yuzu and tangy ginger seltzer with a black tea-like flavour. We then add in botannicals like chamomile to make you feel calm, ginseng to support your immune system and the green tea extra L-Theanine to help you focus


Headstand tastes refreshing and feels calming sort of like a sun shower on a summer afternoon. We figured why not put that experience in a can so you can feel that good year-round? 


🏋️‍♀️ 30 calories in a can 

😊 No added sugar

🧘‍♀️ No caffeine

🇬🇧 Made in the UK

🎗️ 1% of revenue to charity

Yuzu + Ginger 6 & 24 Pack

VAT Included |
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3 Month Subscription
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