Yuzu + Ginger 24 Pack

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250 Milliliters
VAT Included |

    30 kcal
    in each can

    no added sugar


    in the UK

    1% of sales
    to charity

    What's inside?

    Stuff that's good for you! So, in your body there are free radical atoms which have an unpaired electron. In some quantities they are normal and safe. Consuming some foods, cigarettes, alcohol, and pollution can increase their levels to an unsafe volume which has been shown to cause diseases. Antioxidants are naturally forming in food and neutralize free radicals by giving up their electrons to them.


    Coffee leaf contains the antioxidant chlorogenic acid which is shown to be absorbed by the body more effectively than many other types of antioxidants making it ideal to help keep your body in balance.

    Calms anxiety & also adds a light florality to the drink.

    Promotes homeostasis in your body which strengthens your immune system

    Increases cognitive function & is a natural green teal extract.