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  • What the F is a "coffee leaf seltzer?"
    Basically when we were making headstand there was no way we wanted it to be full of sugar like sodas. Instead of going down that route we were inspired by the old way people flavouring carbonated water. Nothing weird added, just delicious natural ingredients.
  • If coffee leaf is so good why am I only hearing about it now?
    I know right? Honestly, we think it should of been around for ages. People have been drinking the steeped leaves of the coffee tree for hundreds of years in East Africa but it hasn't managed to take off in the UK. Maybe it's because it has only been in the last ten years or so that the research on how good it is for you has been piling up. Now seems like a good time for it it to have its proper debut.
  • How do you make the leaf?
    This was TOUGH. We spent a couple lock downs in the UK glued to texts and calls with our producer mates talking through different approaches and having them send them to us to taste. Although the exacts are a bit of secret it was inspired by how black tea is made. We pick the pristine leaf, steam it, roll it, dry 'em, do a little magic and have it sent to us in the UK. From there we do a cold brew to get out all the delicious flavour.
  • What does the leaf taste like by?
    So turns out the leaf by its self tastes like tea. Like tea you can actually massively change the flavour depending how you dry it. For our drinks we use a process that gives a really comforting black tea like taste with a light almost and green tea note. It's really nice.
  • Where is my order?
    All orders are shipped with a tracking number that should of been sent automatically to you. Although the orders should arrive within 2 business day sometimes there is a hiccup with the courier and it may take a day or two longer. If you haven't received your tracking number or it has been over 3 days since your order was shipped drop us a line at
  • Do you do wholesale?
    We do! Please drop us a line at and we will be in touch right away.
  • How is coffee leaf sustainable?
    The climate is a mess. When it used to be dry it now rains and when it used to rain it's now dry. This is terrible for coffee. Coffee is really picky, the fruit only grows in really specific conditions. This is making coffee producers lives harder and harder. Thankfully coffee leaf is way easier to grow. That means if producers have trees on their farm not doing so well or bits they want to prune (like most do after every harvest) it means there is some coffee leaf to harvest.
  • How much do you pay for your coffee leaf?
    When we were working on this we wanted to make sure that coffee leaf was treated just like the best coffee. So working with the producer we calculated how much they make from the average coffee bean harvest of the tree. We then figured out how much leaf is safe to harvest from a tree each year and priced them the same. This means we pay the same as they get for specialty coffee, $4 USD per-pound.
  • Do you really give 1% of your revenue to charity?
    Yep. We didn't want to start a business unless it was a force for good. This is how we do it. We see this as a starting point and look forward to being more and more engaged in helping make a better world.
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