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Wanna Feel Energised?


You've got a lot going on. Sometimes you need that little extra boost to get through the day or a spark to unlock your next big idea, hustle or (dare we say) masterpiece. Think of 'Feeling Energised' as your liquid hype helping you do just that, taking on the world one sip at a time. 


Just add 4 grams or 2 tablespoons of Energised Loose Leaf for each mug of just-off-boiling water you're brewing. Let it steep for 4 minutes then sip while getting creative. 


Tastes Like: A gentle mint with soft butterscotch and ginger flavour.


Contains 75% coffee leaf, 10% peppermint, 10% ginger & 5% ashwagandha


Each bag contains 100g which makes at least 25 cups. 


Why Coffee Leaf?

We're turning coffee on its head by brewing leaves instead of beans because coffee leaf is delicious and it has the power to help the world. Studies show coffee leaf is rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties.


44% of coffee producers live below the UN poverty line so we're on a mission to make growing coffee sustainable. We double the income a producer makes from every tree we harvest and give 1% of our revenue to charities fighting the climate crisis.  

Feeling Energised Loose Leaf

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