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Drink good vibes

Massively refreshing with loads of citrus, a tinge of ginger and a unique black tea like flavour.

We use ingredients that boost your immune system, chill you out and help you focus.

Headstand coffee leaf seltzer
Headstand Coffee leaf Setlzer
Coffee leaf tastes like black tea
Coffee leaf has antioxidants
Coffee leaf doubles farmers income

Why coffee leaf matters

44% of coffee producers live below the UN's poverty line. By harvesting coffee leaf we can double the value of coffee farms and help millions of people. 

Headstand coffee leaf seltzer
Headstand is made with functional ingredients
Headstand's coffee leaf has antioxidants
Headstand has chamomile for calm
Headstand has ginseng to support your immune system
Headstand has l-theanine to help you focus
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Where to find headstand cans

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Where to find headstand cans
Headstand Coffee Leaf Seltze
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